Louis Gresh

Title: Presiding Judge
Phone: 720-466-6105

Judge Gresh earned his law degree at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. He began his municipal career in 1988. Currently he is the Presiding Judge in five Municipal Courts, including Fort Lupton, and an Administrative Law Judge for a Liquor License Authority. During his tenure, he served as Magistrate in the 18th Judicial District from 1986 to 2009 and served the private section as an attorney specializing in family law and felony defense. Judge Gresh continues to assist the 18th Judicial District today by specializing in and conducting divorce mediations.

In 2006, Judge Gresh received the Judicial Excellence Award from the Colorado Judicial Institute. He was also awarded the Professionalism Award by the Colorado Bar Association in 1995. He is a member of the Metropolitan Denver Interdisciplinary Committee, Colorado Council of Professional Mediators and Colorado Municipal Judges Association. Judge Gresh has delivered numerous lectures for the Colorado Bar Association and co-authored The Role of the Guardian ad Litem in Juvenile Delinquency Cases.

Visitors to Judge Gresh's court will receive fair treatment at the podium regardless of the violation. He says, "I always try to consider that it could be me behind the podium, or a neighbor, and always try to treat people with respect and courtesy. Most municipal violations are in some ways like small claims court of criminal law, so they are not major crimes of any kind, they are just the normal infractions that occur in life."


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