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Food Vendor Event Participation Application

  1. This application is a part of a vetting process where Food Trucks & Vendors may apply for any/all possible 2021 City of Fort Lupton (COFL) events. **Please note that applying for all events does not mean you will receive approval to be present at each you’ve applied for.**
  2. DESCRIBE FOOD OR VENDOR TYPE: Please be specific as possible as we want to ensure variety and success of our vendors. The City of Fort Lupton (COFL) reserves the right to approve or deny applications, and to make the final determination of participation to limit potential overlap of vendors. If your application is not approved, your fee will be refunded.
  4. AS A REMINDER! Please know that communication about all event participation is primarily done through email. Please acknowledge the following email once received to avoid emails moving to a spam folder.
  5. SET UP:
  6. ELECTRICITY: The COFL will not be providing electricity for any food vendors for any event. All food vendors will need to provide their own electricity and will be required to abide by the local health and safety standards.
  7. WATER: Please ensure your unit has working hot and cold water for proper hand washing; this is a licensing requirement with the State.
  9. All vendors are required to provide the following:
  10. (not mandatory)


    The Fort Lupton Fire Protection District requires that all mobile food vehicles be inspected for fire safety measures. Please contact Fire Marshal Taw Tamlin,  for Food Truck Permit information and/or questions.

    NOTE: If you have a current truck inspection from any of the jurisdictions listed on this attachment linked below from the Fire Marshals Association of Colorado, please submit that inspection which can be considered in place of a truck inspection by our Fort Lupton Fire Protection District.

  12. Vendors are responsible for collecting and remitting all applicable sales tax to the state. Colorado: 2.9% Fort Lupton 4.0%
  14. Vendor spaces are not insured by the City of Fort Lupton. All vendors are to provide a Certificate of Insurance to the City of Fort Lupton as it reads above.
  16. Food trucks will be emailed a site plan with set-up a minimum of 1 week before the event. Site plans will also be available on event day.
  17. • Food trucks are responsible for bringing their own equipment to operate out of their truck, and can also opt to bring large menu boards or banners for display in the park/event area. • All materials and equipment brought on the City of Fort Lupton property shall be at the total risk of the food truck. • Food trucks must remove all refuse from area upon breakdown. Failure to do so may result in a fine from the City of Fort Lupton. • Any damage caused to the park by the food truck will be charged to and paid for by the food truck. This includes any items owned by the City of Fort Lupton that are removed from the premises. • The City of Fort Lupton reserves the right to change site locations and dimensions due to event logistics. • Vendors are responsible for bringing their own equipment (canopies, tables, chairs and materials), and are REQUIRED to bring weights (bricks or sandbags, etc.) being a minimum of 20 LBS. per weight, for canopies in case of high winds. • The City of Fort Lupton reserves the right to change site locations and dimensions due to event logistics.
  19. In case of inclement weather, events will be rescheduled by the City of Fort Lupton. An email will be sent out as soon as the decision to reschedule is made. Decision could be made the day of the event, depending on the weather situation.
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