Who is responsible for fixing the leak in my yard?

Depends on which side of the meter the water is leaking from. If the leak is between the meter and the house, the property owner is responsible. https://library.municode.com/co/fort_lupton/codes/municipal_code?nodeId=CH13MUUT_ARTVWASE

Municipal Code Sec. 13-87. - General policies for water service lines.

(b) The service line from the meter pit or curb box to the structure served shall be installed, maintained, and repaired by the water user at his or her expense. No claim shall be made against the City on account of breaking of service pipes or apparatus or for failure in the supply of water, and no reduction in the rates will be made for any time that service pipes or fixtures are frozen or are not in proper working order. All connections, taps, and lines that are or will become the responsibility of the City for maintenance, shall be inspected by the City’s authorized representative prior to being backfilled and used.

(c) The City shall be responsible for all maintenance and repairs to service pipes and fixtures installed between the City main and meter pit or curb box, whichever is closer to the City main.

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