Can I widen my driveway?

The maximum allowable driveway with for a residential lot is 30’. If your current driveway is less than 30’, you may widen it. Unless your water meter or service is under the portion you would like to pave. The water meter may not be paved.

Municipal Code Sec. 11-42. - Driveway or private approach to property.

Before any private approach or driveway to any property from any street within the City shall be constructed, the owner of the property abutting upon such street shall obtain a permit therefor from the Public Works Department, the charge for which shall be ten dollars ($10.00) for each such driveway or approach, and such driveway shall be constructed only in accordance with such permit and in conformity with the stakes set by the Public Works Director and in conformity with specifications approved by the City Engineer and/or Public Works Director.

Municipal Code Sec. 16-81. - Off-street parking and street access surface improvement requirements.

(m) In all residential zone districts, front yard areas may not have more than three (3) improved spaces (approximate maximum width of thirty [30] feet), but notwithstanding anything stated above, an auxiliary parking space in addition to a single- or double-space improved driveway parking area may be rocked as specified in Subsection (l).

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