What do I need for a roofing permit?

On the application indicate the number of squares, warranty length of shingles, and type of materials that will be used.

Do I need to post my permit card?

Yes, all permits need to be posted throughout the entire project and must be available at the time of inspection. 

Do I need to set a ladder for inspection?

Yes, a ladder needs to be tied off and secure for the inspector. Failure to do so may cause your inspection to fail. 

Are 3-tab shingles acceptable?

No, 3-tab shingles are no longer accepted in the City of Fort Lupton. 

Is an ice and water shield barrier required?

Yes, ice and water shield barriers & drip edge are required in the City of Fort Lupton. 

Do I need a permit if I’m only replacing a portion of my roof? 

Repair or replacement of less than 1 square (100 sq. ft.) of singles does not require a building permit.

Do I need a mid-roof inspection?

Mid roof Inspections are at the discretion of the Building Official

What is the cost of a roofing permit?

Residential is a flat rate of $150.00, commercial is calculated off the construction valuation. 

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