Burn Permits

In the City of Fort Lupton, a permit from the City and Fire Department is required for any open burning. Permits are approved based on the materials to be burned and air quality considerations. (See Section 7-91 of the Fort Lupton Municipal Code.)

Permits are NOT required for so-called "recreational burns" such as pep-rallies, non-commercial cookouts, etc. but you should check with your local fire department prior to such activities.

Burning of trash, garbage, construction debris and other man-made materials is NOT permitted in the City at this time.

To apply for a permit, complete the Application for Open Burning Permit and submit payment for $25.00. The Application must be approved by a City of Fort Lupton official. Once approved by the City, the Application will be forwarded to the Fort Lupton Fire Protection District to ensure compliance with applicable fire and safety standards.

Please allow a minimum of one week from the time the Application is submitted for the City to review your request.

Any person who burns without first obtaining a permit as required may be subject to a civil penalty of up to $100.00/day for each day such a violation occurs.