Field of Honor - A Tribute To Our Heroes

April 26th – April 29th
Pearson Park 4 Complex
The intersection of Highway 52 & Highway 85,

Fort Lupton, CO 80621

Dedicate a flag, make a donation or become a sponsor at: Great Plains Field Of Honor, Fort Lupton.

The Great Plains Field of Honor® honors veterans, and first responders- Public Safety, Fire & EMS – who have earned our gratitude. 

It is appropriate to honor our heroes with the display of the flag that they honored through their service and sacrifice. Fort Lupton’s Field of Honor® display of U.S. Flags brings the community and visitors together as 1,000 United State flags are posted at Pearson Park along the South Platte River.

The Fort Lupton Field of Honor® display is a gift to the area made possible through donations, sponsorships and the efforts of many dedicated volunteers. You can show your support and gratitude by sponsoring a flag, making a donation or doing both.  Programs of the Fort Lupton Senior Center will benefit from funds raised through the Field of Honor®. Our beneficiary partners are Building Warriors and Warrior Now; these outstanding organizations focus on the mental health and wellness of Colorado’s First Responders. They provide free counseling, suicide prevention and more to our first responders.

Please visit the Field of Honor® display and invite your family and friends to walk with you among the ordered rows of U.S. flags.


Benefiting Charities:

Local Organizing Committee:

Marilyn Bangert
Tom & Millie Callaway
Laurie Kuntz
Monty Schuman
Judy Ceretto
Carol Criswell
Joe & Connie Hogelin
Linda Kudrna
Mary Ann Merritt
Lucy Miller
Barb Rodgers
Christy Romano
Marlene Stieber
Imogene Yokooji

Warner Ranch

AD-MOR Farms


Kaiser Permanente


Hard Bean Coffee

Challenger Homes

United Power

Bank of Colorado

Aims Community College, Fort Lupton Campus

Platte Valley, SLC Health

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