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Overview of the Development Code Update

Fort Lupton has a long-range vision for the future, developed through our recent Comprehensive Plan (Adopted May 2018), Picture Fort Lupton.  This plan anticipates change through growth and continued investment in the community, and coordinates those changes through the vision, goals and objectives that promote what people value most in Fort Lupton.  A key recommendation of the plan was to update the zoning and subdivision regulations to reflect better the places, patterns and principles in the plan.  Development regulations are one aspect of how a key aspect of how communities implement plans, as they react to proposals for development and investment.  Coordinating public and private investment, as well as how the City invests its own capital budgets are also key (but proactive) ways to implement the Picture Fort Lupton.

What is the Project About?

This project considers changes and updates to the zoning and subdivision regulations (Chapters 16 and 17 of the municipal code respectively), as well as a review of Chapter 9 - Oil and Gas Exploration and Development.  Potential changes will be considered based on the policy direction already adopted in the Comprehensive Plan.  In general, changes adopted in this process will typically only apply proactively – as new investments and applications are initiated after adoption of any changes.

What is the Process?

The scope of this project progresses through three key steps:

Initiation and Analysis begins with a review of the existing code structure, identifying the existing elements that align with Picture Fort Lupton.

Discussion and Initial Draft gives us the opportunity to look at different regulatory options that could help streamline the process while building a community that achieves the vision of Picture Fort Lupton.

Final Draft and Adoption ensures that the final product is ready for use, including careful review and testing of regulatory components.

What is the Timeline?

The process kicked off in January of 2020. Guided by a steering committee and community workshops to be scheduled during the process, we anticipate the code changes will be considered for adoption in 2021.  A detailed public engagement strategy outlining the schedule and scope of these meetings will be prepared as part of the Initiation phase of the project.

Why Now?

The original code is outdated and predates the City’s current plans and policies.  It has been amended many times over the last few decades to address issues of the day.  As a result and over time the code has become cumbersome and difficult to use, is not closely aligned with current plans and polices, and has not kept up with many planning and urban design “best practices” that can help Fort Lupton achieve its long-range vision.   This project will create one coordinated code, wrapping in updates that have occurred over time, as well as addressing any concerns with the current regulations – essentially preserving what works, improving what is relevant but confusing, and fixing or adding things that are needed. The final product will be a clear, functional document that is easier to implement and interpret while providing more clarity and guidance for the public, developers, city staff and elected officials.