New Public Library Facility

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Your support has driven the Fort Lupton Public & School Library to a brighter future! We are growing with our community and building a brand-new public library.

 After nearly three decades of a joint space for high school students and public library users, the Fort Lupton Public and School Library is building a separate facility for public library services. The new building will have increased community spaces, including study rooms, a makerspace, a children’s courtyard, and a meeting room, as well as a schedule and layout less related to school needs. The new building also increases security for the high school and its students by removing the general public from the school building.

 Your donation will be used to fund essential resources. These resources are building blocks for lifelong learning within our community. Funds raised will be used for an exterior metal awning to cover our outdoor programming and performance space. We hope to make this space more flexible and adaptable to varying weather conditions with this addition. This addition will allow for a more diverse programming suite including offering programming that is more suitable to the outdoors. In addition to this, programs in this exterior space welcome foot traffic approaching and around the building engaging community members who may not otherwise choose to visit the library. The anticipated location of this element allows the exterior of our facility to serve as an overflow location for our interior programming rooms, increasing capacity. We hope this exterior awning can serve as a decorative aesthetic element increasing visual interest in the library from afar.

 It’s simple. When you donate to the Fort Lupton Public Library, you are giving our community the gift of knowledge. A gift that will keep on giving for generations.



New Location:

370 S. Rollie Ave.

 Fort Lupton, CO 80621

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do we need a new library?

Our current facility no longer functions well to provide security and services to both high school students and the public. We need a new building to better serve the public. Removing public access from the existing library will better serve high school students and allow the students to freely use the library without having the leave the school building. Separating students and the public will allow us to appropriately filter student WiFi and limit the material collection to items suitable for high school students. Keeping the public out of a school building during school hours will improve student safety.

A separate public library facility will allow the public patrons to have better access to both the collections and computers, as well as quiet areas and dedicated areas for children and teens.

How much will it cost?

Due to an increase in building costs and increased cost of land, the new building's budget has increased from 8.5 million dollars to 9.6 million dollars.

Where is the money coming from?

The money is coming from our current tax revenue. Part of the existing mill levy was meant for building remodels and new buildings. The library has been saving part of the mill levy for several years to pay for this project. The library is not asking for additional taxes. The library is not requesting additional funds from the community, city or the school district.

What will happen to the old building?

The current facility will become dedicated as the Fort Lupton High School Library based on the desires of Weld Re-8 School District. 

Who will run the high school library?

The Fort Lupton Public & School Library will run both facilities. The school district will provide a teacher librarian if needed.

Where will the new facility be located?

370 S. Rollie Ave. Fort Lupton, CO 80621

Will the staff change?

We currently have budgeted one new staff member for the high school facility.

Can I still go to the old library?

No, the old library will be strictly for high school students.