Homeschool and Alternative Schooling Resources

Schooling is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. 

The following resources can help support both you and your children in your educational goals.

Weld 8 Remote Learning Information & Resources

Colorado Classroom: Learn with Me at Home

The State of Colorado and Rocky Mountain Public Media are providing K-3 students, their families and caregivers with direct-to-home remote lessons in literacy, science, art and math through Colorado Classroom: Learn with Me at Home starting September 7 and airing for 15 weeks on RMPBS.  The website includes video and  accompanying lesson plans.

Homeschool How-to’s:

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World Book Kids Instructions

E-books, audio books and more!

Fort Lupton Public & School Library is not affiliated with the following resources in any way. They are provided for informational purposes only. 


The HSLDA advocates for homeschoolers in specific situations. They protect the rights of individuals to freely educate their children at home.  

A2Z Homeschool

A to Z Homeschooling website will help you homeschool your kids from Preschool, Kindergarten, up to and through High School with free online education, lesson ideas, educational websites, helpful articles, top programs, books, materials, curriculum and friends.  

Be a Learning Hero

This site provides parents with a picture of their child’s learning needs along with tools to bolster their academic, social, and emotional development. Also accessible in Spanish. 

Nature's Classroom Homeschool Group

Nature is the ultimate classroom. This website is designed to introduce you to all nature has to offer, especially in a homeschooling situation.   

Colorado Homeschool Support

This is a diverse group of home schoolers that offer support for Colorado families. Topics of discussion include homeschool law in Colorado, resources, umbrella schools, options programs, unschooling, and general support for the easy and not so easy parts of homeschooling life. We welcome a large range of homeschooling families with varying ideologies. We strive to embrace everyone no matter where they are in their journey.  

Support for Online Learning

This Facebook group provides help and advice to parents seeking answers from parents who have been there. 

Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families

A group of committed parents who have come together to be powerful and vocal advocates for cyberschools and online learning in Colorado.