Living with Wildlife

Fort Lupton has many open spaces and agricultural areas that are home to a variety of wildlife. In the spring and summer months, when people are outdoors, they see and interact with wildlife. Some wildlife have adapted so well that they live in our neighborhoods. Living with wildlife can present some problems for their neighbors the humans. Whether it is a raccoon living in your chimney or a skunk digging under your patio, questions and concerns will come up about the situations.

Unless wildlife is sick or injured, the department refers questions to the State.  For more information, visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

The Colorado Department of Health recommends the following procedure for disposing of dead animals:

-Do not pick up or touch dead animals.
-Use a long-handled shovel to pick up the dead animal.
Place a plastic bag on the ground.
-Using the shovel, place the animal in the plastic bag.
-Tie a knot in the bag.
-Dispose of the bag in an outdoor trash container.