Patrol Division & Programs

The Patrol Division is the backbone of the department. Patrol officers are the first responders to emergencies and calls for service. There are 3 sergeants and 12 officers assigned to the patrol functions. Their sharp eyes and professional actions, together with community members help maintain the quality of life that Fort Lupton residences enjoy.

Officers respond to over 13,000 calls for service in 2017. Calls for service include requests from our citizens for assistance as well as officer-initiated activity. The requests can be for a wide variety of reasons, including reports of suspicious people, neighborhood problems, or to report a crime. Officer initiated activities encompass the community oriented policing philosophy that governs the department’s day-to-day activities.

Although the numbers of calls for service continue to increase over the years, the rate of crime continues to remain low and the city is rated in the best 10 small communities in Colorado.

Patrol Programs

 This is a program that target driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and is made possible by funding provided by the Colorado Department of Transportation. Fort Lupton was distinguished in 2018 with Officer Zachary Helbig receiving an honor as a Traffic Safety Champion for his DUI activity in 2017.

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This program is also funded by the Colorado Department of Transportation to encourage use of seatbelts and enforce not wearing them. Weld County routinely rates as one of lowest usage counties in the State.

The department has officers who can accomplish there patrol duties on bicycles when the time or events are appropriate for their use. Officers participating in the program are certified in uses of the police bicycle.

bike patrol

The department in cooperation with the Weld RE8 School District provide a School Resource Officer (SRO) to provide the same quality of police services to the school communities as it does to the rest of the community.


The department is fortunate to have a Drug Recognition Expert on the department. This officer is specifically trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of intoxication and determine which intoxicant is causing that intoxication.