Contractor License

updateContractor license(s) expire December 31st of each year, Contractors that would like to renew for 2022 now have access to doing so through Cascade prior to January 2022 


All contractors are required to be licensed in the City of Fort Lupton. 

New Process for licensing with the City of Fort Lupton.

Please register your company through Cascade Login Button Opens in new window prior to uploading your required documents. Once you have been validated you will be given more access to your account with Cascade.

To apply for a contractor license, please submit the following:

The same documentation is required for renewing applications. Failure to submit all required documents may result in a delay of your license. Your license will be available in Cascade. 

Insurance Certificates

**We are kindly requesting all insurance certificates to be emailed to the Building Department or uploaded into Cascade**

For those contractors applying for more than one type of license, please submit payment for each license. For example if you are applying for Plumbing and HVAC licenses, the total cost will be $150 ($75 each license).

Global (online) Payments are coming soon!

You may mail your application with a check payable to the City of Fort Lupton; fax your application with a cover page indicating who to contact for credit card payment; or email your application to the Building Department and indicate who to contact for credit card payment.

If you have any questions, please email the Building Department or call us at 303-857-6694.