Interactive Zoning Map

To use the interactive zoning map below, search for a property by either using the Find address or place bar or zooming to the location. You can also switch to different backgrounds, such as an aerial background image, by clicking on the dropdown labeled Basemap. Once the property is identified, click on its location and the zoning classification will appear in a separate window. Please note that all zoning classifications should be confirmed with the City of Fort Lupton's Planning Department by calling (303) 857-6694 or emailing the Planning Department

View this map in a separate window. 


This map was designed and intended for City of Fort Lupton use only. It is not guaranteed to survey accuracy. This map is based on the best information available at the time it was created. The City of Fort Lupton makes no warranties or guarantees, either expressed or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy or correctness of this map, nor accepts any liability arising from any incorrect, incomplete, or misleading information contained therein. Any reproduction or sale of this map, or portions thereof, is prohibited without the express written authorization of the City of Fort Lupton.