What Types of Events Require a Permit?

Some events require a permit and some do not. Typically, if your event requires a street closure or you estimate to have 250 or more people in attendance, you will need to obtain an event permit.

Private Event:

A wedding, graduation, birthday party, or similar event that is held on private property or solely contained within a park and does not involve street closures or significant impact to traffic flow on roads surrounding the private property or park does not need to obtain a event permit.

If your event falls into one of the categories below, you will need to submit an application for an event permit. 

Community Events:  

Festivals, arts and crafts shows, outdoor concerts, fun runs or walks, bike or foot races, carnivals, or any other event that interferes with pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or takes place on private property and interferes with pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or takes place on City owned/leased property including streets, parks, trails, or open space.     

Block Party:   

A social gathering of neighbors on a residential street, or portion of it. A Block Party includes, but is not limited to barbecues, picnics, music, or games. A event permit is required for block parties that include an arterial or connector street closure. 

  • Please note: if alcohol will be served and a festival permit or special event liquor permit is not obtained, the Colorado Open Container Law will still apply to your event.


March or procession consisting of persons, animals or vehicles, or combination thereof, on any street or highway, including sidewalks, which obstructs, delays or interferes with the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic or does not comply with traffic laws or controls.       

Application Information

Other Requirements

  • Application Fee- A $100 application fee is required for all events, unless you are a non-profit organization. There is no fee for non-profit organizations. The application fee is non-refundable. These fees cover administrative costs for review of the application and issuance of the permit.   
  • Other Fees- All events, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, will be responsible for paying any other applicable fees that may pertain to the event. 
    • Public Works Inspection Fee will be applied if the event is placing fencing/barricades
    • Park Reservation Fee will be applied if the event is taking place in a City park
    • Special Event Liquor Permit will be applied if the alcohol is being served at the event. This permit is only for non-profit organizations. If you are not a non-profit organization and you wish to serve alcohol at your event, you may need to apply for a festival permit through the Colorado Department of Revenue, Liquor Enforcement Division. 
  • Site Plan- A site plan and/or route map is required for all events. Please upload a copy with your application. 
  • Certificate of Insurance- All event holders must provide the City of Fort Lupton with a certificate of general liability insurance policy covering claims that may arise during the event. 

Completion of an application does NOT guarantee your event location and/or issuance of a permit for your event. 

If you have questions, need additional information, or if you are ready to submit a Event Permit application, please contact Christy Romano, Event Coordinator at 720-928-4071 or email cromano@fortluptonco.gov.

You can find the application here: Event Permit Application