Choosing the RIGHT Location for Your Business

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Finding the right location means understanding the right qualities to look for in a potential space. Keep in mind, there are different types of zoning you may encounter. Zoning regulates the type of activities a business may conduct in a particular area and the category of business that can occupy the zoned area. Knowing how a property is zoned can help you avoid problems. The City of Fort Lupton wants your business to thrive. We are here to help you determine if your proposed business complies with the City's zoning regulations and provide you with helpful business related resources.

A) I've identified a location for my business, what should I do first?

  1. Before buying or leasing a property, it is recommended you review the following page to ensure your proposed business location complies with the City’s zoning regulations. Licensing and Permitting Requirements.

B) I don't have a location, I need assistance finding a location for my business.

      We can help! Reach out to our Economic Development Manager Michelle Magelssen at  720-466-6119 or email to assist you in your property search.